posted: September 30, 2009
last update: September 30, 2009

It appears that someone has stolen our firm's FedEx account information and is using it to send counterfeit checks to people all across the United States. We first learned of this on Monday, September 28, 2009. In each case, the FedEx envelope has arrived addressed to the person's residence with our law firm name and address as the sender. Most of the envelopes contain a check for a fairly large sum of money made payable to the recipient. So far, none of the envelopes have contained any correspondence or other written instructions. Just a check.

If you have received ANY envelope or other shipment via FedEx with the name "Robert Stommel" or "Stommel Law Group" as the sender on any date after September 1, 2009, it is a fraudulent shipment and it did NOT come from our firm. If you received such an envelope or package from FedEx and it contains a check, we strongly recommend that you do NOT try to deposit or cash the check.

We have notified FedEx and the FBI about this scam. If you receive a FedEx shipment like this, please call our law firm and provide us the tracking number that appears on the FedEx shipment label. It would also help if you could mail the original check and the FedEx label to us. We are collecting this information in case FedEx or law enforcement agencies need it for their investigation.

We do not know to whom the scammers have sent these FedEx envelopes unless the recipient calls us, so it is unlikely that anyone from our firm will be contacting you directly. If anyone contacts you about receiving one of these FedEx packages and says that they are with our firm, please hang up and call our law firm phone number to confirm that it was actually us calling you.

We are doing everything we can to shut down this scam and will post updates as we get new information.